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2022 Big Ghana Weaving Shuku Styles: Top Braids to Rock

by Raimot

2022 Big Ghana Weaving: In this blog post, we will show you some trendy and exclusive Ghana weaving Shuku hairstyles. Check these latest styles and choose the one suits your taste.

Shuku is a local Yoruba hairstyle where all the sections of the hair end at the middle of the head or at the back of the neck.

Shuku style is very popular among women, braided in a way that forms a hump at the middle of the head. This style comes in different designs, and can last up to a month if braided and maintain neatly.

This hairstyle is very popular in Ghana, Nigeria, and also other regions of Africa, as well as among African Americans. It is common among girls, ladies, and women too because it makes them look elegant, stylish and beautiful.

This style is popular thanks to its ability to protect the hair from damaging. It is easy to maintain and it is never out of vogue.

It can be decorated with beads, strings or with colorful thread and also style as a doughnut or knot at the middle of the head too.

Scroll down to view these lovely 2022 Big Ghana Weaving Styles. Don’t hesitate to share with your braids gang and keep checking for more hair inspiration @Xclusive Styles.

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