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7 International Scholarship That Doesn’t Require English

by Raimot
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Hello everyone, in this article I’ll list 7 scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, exchange, and postgraduate degrees that don’t require you to speak English. These international scholarships are for study abroad in Brazil, Canada, Korea, and Spain. The video I propose at the end of this article will show you another 5 scholarships that don’t require English. Which of the scholarships I’ll mention would you like to see a tutorial to create a video with more information? Let me know in the comments. We start now without further ado.

The AUIP Scholarships

Check out the AUIP website to learn more about the organization that offers numerous scholarships for study at various Spanish universities. These scholarships can cover tuition, travel expenses, health insurance, housing costs, and maintenance. AUIP stands for Ibero-American Postgraduate University Association.

To apply for these scholarships, you must first confirm that your university is a member of the association. To do this, click on Associated Institutions, choose your nation, and then make sure your university is listed. Let’s now examine scholarships. If you click on AUIP scholarships, you will see the three scholarship options they offer; in this instance, I will choose a master’s degree. You will also see all the scholarships that are currently available as well as all the general information about them; if you want more details, click here and read those documents. The last thing I want to say is that you should check this page frequently because they almost always have scholarships available.

Canadian Scholarships That Don’t Require English

You can start your university studies in Canada without taking an English proficiency test thanks to the University of Winnipeg scholarship. This grant is available to all overseas students who desire to pursue undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degrees.

The prerequisites are that you are a citizen of a nation other than Canada, Show leadership qualities and submit the scholarship application by the deadlines. Come with me to the computer so we can examine his application. You just need to fill out this registration form and attach the required paperwork to submit your application. 2 letters of recommendation; to write these, I suggest watching my video on how to write a successful scholarship letter of recommendation. Also required are a 250–500 word motivational letter and your résumé. To submit all of this, send a single PDF file to the email address displayed on the screen. awards@uwinnipeg.ca

Korea scholarships

The GKS scholarships are among the greatest in the world and the best scholarships to study in Korea. They are available for undergraduate, graduate, and research stays. Regarding the perks, they are all inclusive and include airfare, tuition, housing, maintenance, health insurance, economic endowment, and Korean courses. In order to qualify for this scholarship, you must first learn Korean. Once you have reached a particular level, the scholarship will increase your award, and you may then begin your studies. The application period begins each year in September. I advise you to pay close attention to their website starting in that month.

In the official page for the scholarship; you can find all the information there. You scroll down to the bottom of the page to show you where you can find out more about the application process and the necessary paperwork and you check there for further information. 

Brazilian Scholarships

These are the most well-known scholarships in Brazil; they pay for tuition, a monthly economic endowment of 1,500 reais, and an accomodation allowance of 1,500 dollars. They allow you to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees in Brazil. There are many different masteries available, and it’s highly probable that you’ll discover one that matches your profile. 

Since all public institutions in Brazil provide financial aid for international students, this is an additional approach to obtain scholarships in Brazil. I advise you to choose a master’s or doctorate program, visit the program website, and get in touch with the professor.

Spain Scholarships

University of Valencia: Luis Vives Scholarship

This fantastic full scholarship will enable you to enroll in classes at the University of Valencia in Spain. It will also pay for your round-trip airfare, health insurance, tuition, a monthly stipend for living expenses, and maintenance. The following nations are eligible for this scholarship: There are no prerequisites for experience, English proficiency, or grades. You must submit an online form with your comparable Spanish grade point average, a copy of your professional title, and your apostilled grades in order to be considered for the scholarship. They will, however, want a written CV of no more than 3,000 characters and a motivational letter of no more than 1,500 characters. Regarding the times, it starts each year in April and ends one month later. I suggest reading this document if you are interested in this scholarship.

Carolina Foundation Scholarships For Students

The Carolina Foundation Scholarships, which this organization offers to 500 Latinos each year, are the most well-known scholarships for studying in Spain. These scholarships can cover up to 100% of your tuition as well as medical insurance, flights, and a monthly economic endowment. In addition, I can tell you that there is a wide range of academic options.

Scholarships In Chile, Mexico, Peru And Colombia

Scholarship For The Pacific Alliance

Scholarships are available each year through the Pacific Alliance Scholarship for graduate study and academic interaction. In essence, an exchange entails spending a semester at your university abroad. Both college students and those enrolled in non-professional programs like technical or technological ones are eligible for this prize.

This scholarship includes round-trip airfare, health insurance, and a sizeable financial endowment that is more than enough to pay for your housing and living costs. The scholarship’s ability to let you attend the college of your choice is another fantastic feature. With this scholarship, you can study in Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and other Pacific Alliance nations.

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