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Braids With Curly Ends: 2022 Bohemian Braids

by Raimot
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Braids With Curly Ends: Braids are protective hairstyles usually done by African American Ladies. Leaving the ends of a braid curly gives your knotless braids’ style a unique and eye-catching finish look. It can also be refer to as Bohemian Braids. This style is done by braiding only the first couple inches while the rest are left undone and curly.

Bohemian box braids last up to 2-4 months. However, I would not recommend you having this style for more than 6 weeks. Just like every other protective hairstyles, you need to allow your natural hair to breathe to avoid breakage or losing your precious edges.

This style is a perfect combo and it can be rock to any occasions. Have a nice time viewing these lovely styles and also, share these styles with your love ones. Comment, subscribe and don’t forget to visit Glam Hairstyles.

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