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Plain And Pattern Styles 2022: African Fashion

by Raimot
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The Plain and Pattern styles 2022 never stop trending instead it has become more popular among the Nigeria women. Many people are asking “What exactly is the meaning of plain and pattern”?

A Plain fabric, surface or object is entirely in one color; it does not have any special or distinctive features, patterns, designs or writing on it. In other word, an undecorated and ordinary fabric. While a pattern is a regular repeating arrangement of designs, shapes, colors or lines on a surface or fabric.

The plain material can either be crepe, satin, silk, cashmere, chiffon or linen while the pattern can either be Adire, Ankara, Kente, Kitenge or any other fabric with patterns. These fabrics can be use to achieve different styles like long or short gowns, trousers and blouse, jumpsuits, jackets and trousers, skirts and blouse and many more.

To ensure we keep you fashion updated, we have made a collection of beautiful and gorgeous Plain and Pattern styles 2022 you can sew with these fabrics. These styles give you a beautiful, lovely and matured look and it can be worn to any occasions.

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