The King of Ago-lwoye is called the Ebumawe. Biography Write Up - Xclusive Styles

The King of Ago-lwoye is called the Ebumawe. Biography Write Up

by African Xclusive
The King of Ago-lwoye is called the Ebumawe. He is one of the leading oba’s in Ogun State. He is highly principled,discipline and focused. He is a great traditional ruler ,a leader of people and resources.

That is the story of HRH Oba Abdulrazaq Adesina Adenugba. But there is a side to him which many often don’t talk about. And that is the fact that he is a man of great sartorial elegance. He is a man of impeccable style. He is tall and handsome. He is a 6 footer blessed with a chubby face and a robust physique which makes his outfits to sit well on him.
When you see him he oozes royalty and class. His carriage is befitting of a king and he understands that institution well having learnt a lot from the Awujale of Ijebuland,Oba Sikiru Adetona who all ljebu obas respect and hold in high esteem.

Let’s unveil  Ebumawes royal fashion style and you will see that from his crown to the sole of his shoes its all about style….

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