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What is Known Regarding Application Delays For Canadian Visas

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Due to the delays, some who requested the papers to study in this country had to reschedule or even abandon their plans.
Thousands of unanswered visa requests from Colombians seeking to visit Canada for employment, study, or tourism have caused the Canadian government to become overburdened.

Since additional persons from Asia and the Middle East have filed for student visas and are still waiting for a response, this issue affects more than just Colombians.

In fact, a group of Iranian students reportedly planned a virtual petition drive in August 2022 to urge the Canadian government for assistance in addressing their dilemma, according to the journal El Espectador.

Concerning this issue, the Canadian media outlet CBC looked into IRCC data and discovered that as of June 29, 2022, there are more over 2.4 million applications waiting for a response.

The portal reports that there are 33,738 pending visa applications for Colombia, compared to over a million for India.

The Canadian embassy in Colombia reportedly also handles cadre applications; by 2022, 12,161 Canadian visa applications had been submitted, doubling year after year, according to the Colombian media.

More applications have been submitted so far this year (7,293) than there were before the pandemic, but applicants are still unable to hear back.

Since they were unable to proceed with their studies without a response, thousands of people—particularly those who had been offered student positions at Canadian colleges or jobs—found themselves in a difficult situation. Some of them may have even lost their chance as a result.

The IRCC advises those who have not yet heard back from them to wait patiently or to submit a case-specific inquiry, which is a type of right to obtain a prompt answer to their request, however these are also delayed.

How to get a work permit for a Canadian visa for a Colombian?

How to get a work permit for a Canadian visa for a Colombian?
It’s necessary to have a visa that enables you to engage in a paid activity in Canada if you want to work there.

There are two types of permits: one can be issued by the employer, in which case the business where the Colombian applicant would fill the position gives him permission to work there; however, this permission is only valid for that business, so he cannot work on another side.

Another option is the open work visa, which enables employment with any employer in Canada. For overseas students who struggle to pay for accommodation and other costs, this is a more practical option.

Although some jobs do not require this document, you must have it in order to apply for this permission. You must also have a work offer letter, an employment contract, an impact assessment on the labor market, and your EIMT number.

Remember that after the work permit expires, the person must honor the agreement to depart Canada.

How can I apply to the program for permanent residency in Canada?

The Atlantic Immigration Program now aims to increase the influx of foreign nationals into the nation in order to boost the labor supply.

International graduates and talented foreign employees who want to live and, of course, work in one of Canada’s four Atlantic provinces can use this program as a more secure route to permanent residency.

A job offer from a designated employer in one of the four Atlantic provinces—Nova Scotia, Prince’s Island, New Brunswick, or Newfoundland and Labrador—must be obtained before applying to this program. Additionally, they need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Hold the necessary work experience.
  • Comply with or beyond educational standards.
  • Conform with linguistic criteria or surpass them.
  • When you move into the country, you must prove that you have the funds to sustain yourself.
  • There is no need for documentation if the candidate already resides and is employed in Canada on a valid work permit.
  • If you studied outside of Canada, an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is necessary to verify that your studies were at least as good as the level of education required for the position you were offered. It must be less than five years old for this RCT report.

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